Benefits for registered users

For registered users we provide several different benefits via FMED Coins.

FMED coins are a currency you obtain by using the website and you can use them to make payments in the online store without any restrictions. In this way, you can achieve discounts of over 15%.

How do I get FMED coins?

FMED Coins can currently be obtained in three ways:

  • With purchases in the online store
  • By reviewing the products in the online store
  • By commenting on the blog

Soon there will be more methods of acquiring FMED coins available.

FMED coins for Online Purchases

For each purchased product you will get a certain number of FMED Coins. The number of FMED coins for each product visible is visible in product view in the shopping cart and at checkout. Number or acquired FMED coins will be seen also at order completition.

FMED coins will be added to your account only when the order from our site is sent and marked as completed for which you will also receive an email notification.

At this moment you can begin using your FMED coins.

FMED coins for product review

For each product review we will give you 60 FMED coins.

You can review products in a the online store by clicking on the product and filling out the form in the “review” tab.

Coins for reviews will only be added to your account after the comment is approved.

For each product you can get evaluation coins only once.

FMED coins for commenting on the blog

For each commented blog we will add 20 FMED coins to your.

You can comment on a blog by clicking the Blog tab in the top menu and then choosing the blog you would like to comment on. At the bottom of the blog there is a comment box that you can fill out.

You will get coins for blog comments after the comment gets approwed.

You can obtain FMED coins for each blog only once.

Progressive scale

Additionaly we reward our most active users. More coins means even more coins. For that we’ve prepared a scale of six classes. You progress to a higher level when you reach the spcified number of coins (not limited by time):

levelmin. coins.additional %*

* Additional percentage added to newly acquired coins. Eg. Additional 100% means that if the base product review gets you 60 coins, you will get 120.

User Portal

You have access to the entire history of acquisition, use and the current status of coins in your user pages in the my FMED Coins tab.


Validity of the coins is 60 days. 7 days before the expiry of your coins, we will inform you with an E-mail if you have not logged out of email notifications.

Using FMED coins

You can interchange FMED Coins for money at each order without limitations. This means that if you have enough coins you can pay the entire order with them or only use them for partial payment.

Every 40 FMED coins can be changed to €1.

You can use coins by typing the amount you would like to use in a special box in the cart or at checkout and they will be added to your order. They will be shown as a discount and reduce the total amount of the order.