Cooled shipping

For temperature-sensitive products, We provide partially refrigerated transport.

Partially refrigerated transport means that we will add an Ice pack to your parcel and shipp it in an thermal insulated packaging.

Such packages remain cool even for 24 hours, and then their temperature slowly rises. Such packages never reach any extreme ambient temperatures, so the products are protected from harm due to extreme temperatures.

This mode of transport is recommended for probiotics and omega 3 oils. Although a few days at room temperature does not destroy such products, it is recommended that you keep expose to heat to a minimium and thus extend their useful life and efficiency.

We store all heat sensitive products in the refrigerator and their transport at import to us is always cooled thereby ensuring the best possible quality.

We recommend that you pick up such packages as soon as possible and put them in the refrigerator immediately.

How do I add cooled delivery to a order?

Find the product “cooled delivery” and add it to your cart:

2,20 incl. Tax

Package for cooled shipping of Omega 3 oils and probiotics.