Frequently asked questions and answers

Where do you supply dietary supplements?
Most of our supplements are imported from the US but we also import some of our stock from the UK, Germany and the Netherlands. All our suppliers are committed to the highest quality standards, as well as Ourselves. We also have some of our own products that are more favourable or we have not found them anywhere else in this form.
I'm worried I won't get the goods purchased. How can you guarantee my deliveries?
If we were to cheat on our customers, we’d probably be out of business for a long time. We send products immediately after payment is received, this will be confirmed by our satisfied customers, either on Facebook or between Pričanji on this page. You can always call us and ask how it is with your order, but if you are in the vicinity of maribor, you are invited to visit us and make sure that we truly exist. If you subscribe to the summary you are not afraid, because you pay only when you receive the package, and with payments via PayPal you are also protected through Them. Don’t worry, we do business fairly, and we’re happy to prove it to YOU.
What are the payment methods you can make?
We are currently providing the following payment options:
  • Paypal
  • Credit card
  • Bank Transfer to TRR
  • Payment by delivery
When will I receive the subscribed product?
We ship with GLS or DHL Express from monday through friday. To 13. We send an hourly subscription and a paid product the same day, and delivered as a rule the following day. If the product is not currently in stock we will inform you immediately. We do not process orders between weekends and Holidays.
Can I also order by phone or e-mail?
yes, You can also order by e-mail or by phone, although the order of the Spreko Web is much simpler and prevents any errors in Communication. We recommend that you subscribe via online store, But if you do not want to call us or contact Us.