Iodine, nutrient we usually don’t get enough of

In our bodies iodine is primarily stored in the thyroid. Despite iodized salt lots of people still don’t get enough of it. Actually almost 40% of all people are in increased need for iodine.

Why is iodine important?

  • For thyroid function.
  • For good digestion.
  • Lack of iodine can cause many symptoms and also cancer.

Signs that you don’t have enough iodine

  • Dry mouth (salivary glands are unable to produce sliva).
  • Dry skin, reduced sweating (it takes 3 to 4 weeks after supplementing ioden for the body to start normal sweating again).
  • Lack of concentration.
  • Tight muscles, scaring, pain, fibrosis…

When supplementing with iodine you have to take care not to overdose! Overdosing is often a problem when supplementing with concentrated sources of iodine in the form of tinctures (like antiseptics) or when supplementing for a prolonged time. Signs of iodine overdose include: cramps, nausea, fever, vomiting.

How much iodine should you take?

Opinions differ. Some studies say that about 150 mcg daily for adults and about 300 mcg for pregnant and nourishing women.

Some alternative medicine specialist are of the opinion that our bodies need way more and suggest up to 1 mg daily.

What are natural sources of iodine?

  • raw milk,
  • eggs,
  • sea weed, spirulina, kelp.

When supplementing with iodine you should be careful taking supplements that contain bromine.

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