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At Fmed we are always on the hunt for new and best supplements there are. We add the ones that have stood the test of time or have a very promising scientific basis. and we remove the ones that haven’t proven effective or useful.

This way you always have the best quality selection of supplements available that will not disappoint you.

New supplements at

Goat Whey

We just added a new whey powder and one of the highest quality on the market. It’s a whey from goat’s milk. It falls among the highest because the basic raw material comes from Greece, from goats that have been grass-fed (which, in the case of stockfarming, is very rare in the these days).

Byron White tinctures

This year we also expanded our offer of Byron White droplets. So you can now get the A-L complex (against Borelia) and A-BAB (Babesia).

Vitamins and minerals for children

From Dr. Mercola, multivitamins are available for children that are of superior composition. All vitamins are in methilated or in otherwise active form. They come in the form of candy that kids just adore.

Progesterone Cream

After long fights with the legislations the natural progesterone cream is available again.

Oregano Oil and Candida support

And as the last, we had oregano oil replaced with Candida support, because we believe that the quelity blend it contains has more power with all the other ingredients. It’s also an excellent source of oregano oil. It is called Candida support but you can use it as a general antimicrobial protection.

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