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Last week I added D-ribose to the shop again, a special sugar that does not affect blood glucose.

This was just random. One friend of mine asked me if I knew where he could get it for his grandfather, who will have heart shortly. We were looking for it, just to find out no store had it.

And so came one small shipment of D-ribose from England.

What is D-ribose

D-ribose by its form is the monosaccharide Aldopentose (since it has five carbon atoms).

It is related to deoxiribose, that you may recall from a biology class as an integral part of the DNA.

How D-ribose works

Due to its structure, it can enter the process of energy production through the “back door” when main energy production is limited, e.g. when there is a limited oxygen supply to the cell and the like.

The body requires energy in the form of adenosine three phosphate (ATP), which can be produced either from carbohydrates, fats or some amino acids. Through the process of transforming these nutrients (glycolysis, beta oxidation), smaller and smaller molecules are generated, which then enter the Citric acid cycle and then go into the respiratory chain, where most of the ATP is formed.

The most important element in this process are the hydrogen ions in the form of NADH, which the body makes through the entire process of transforming carbohydrates and fats.

D-ribose is metabolized on a different path and can be converted to ATP and NADH with the help of phosphorilation so this is some kind of a side door to ATP energy.

Quality of D-ribose

D-ribose is usually of good quality. If you consider the product to be pure and clean then the quality will be OK. The absorption itself is excellent as it is absorbed partly already in the stomach and then immediately at the beginning of the small intestine. It is absorbed almost entirely.

How do I take D-ribose

I recommend between 5 and 10g D-ribose daily, divided into two equivalent doses, best on an empty stomach. You can also take it directly before physical activity.

The powder has a neutral sweet taste and melts perfectly in liquid.

I would be love to write you more about the useful features and research of D-ribose but unfortunately, I’m not allowed to as the law says…

For the curious, we know even more of these “functional” sugars. Another one for instance is D-Mannose that prevents urinray tract infections.

Cardiovascular Support


48,00 incl. Tax

An alternative source of ATP (energy) for body cells and organs.

Herbs, extracts and tinctures

D-Mannose powder

29,90 incl. Tax

An extremely powerful extract of a special sugar from cranberry, which is not metabolized in the body and thus excreted through the bladder with urine helping with UTIs.

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