New pages, new benefits

New pages new benefits

Welcome to the new online store Time flies fast and it’s been over three years from the last renovation which in the times of modern technology has already been an eternity.

We’ve tried to follow the latest standards and to make things as simple as possible and of course fast. Expect a faster and more intuitive browsing.

FMED kovanci

We also thought of additional benefits for you. We have introduced FMED coins, which can be used as a means of payment. You collect them with purchases, comments and reviews, and we are looking to add even more collection options and thus even more discounts. And what’s best, FMED coins can be used without limits, so if you collect enough for the entire order, you won’t pay absolutely anything. Read more about all the benefits for FMED customers.

Cooled shipping

We are also introducing cooled shipping of sensitive products. Especially probiotics and Omega 3 oils are sensitive to temperature and we are aware of it. This is why we store all of these products in the refrigerator, and we also make sure that the transport at import is always cooled. Now you can also benefit from a partialy cooled transport. Read more about the refrigerated delivery.

New Delivery Prices

The news that you are likely to be most pleased about is that we now allow for free shipping for order above €90 for domestic orders (international order have diferent rates), but also in general we have been able to reduce delivery costs slightly. Read more about free delivery.

200 FMED Coins for existing customers

We have prepared a special surprise for all of our registered members as we have added 200 FMED coins (value €5) to your account, which you can use without any restrictions on your next purchase. The coins are valid until the 23rd of October 2018.

New Products

We have added some new, high-quality products. The innovations on our market are certainly:

Inflammation, bones and joints

Osteothera + Ipriflavone

24,90 incl. Tax

Calcium with all cofactors for its use in the body. For healthy bones and teeth.

Anemia, iron defficiency

Ratfish liver oil

24,90 incl. Tax

Very special fish oil with high content of researched Alkylgliceroles.

Digestion (stomach, intestines)

Target GB-X Probiotics

49,90 incl. Tax

Target GB-X gut-brain axis contains clinically researched probiotics intended for psychological function.

What can you expect from now on

As always our main task is to find the most efficient and quality nutritional suplements, and we will try to provide as many benefits for you as possible.

We will dedicate more to regular writing of useful articles in the field of optimal use, storage, quality and other aspects of dietary supplements, and expect some on-line tests to determine deficiencies of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, etc..

We wish you pleasant browsing and shopping

Sandi Bitenc

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