New – Liposomal vitamin C for kids (dr. Mercola)

Liposomski vitamin c za otroke gripa prehlad

Dr. Mercola is one of the most well-known practitioners of functional medicine in the United States. He is known for excellent articles, advice and dietary supplements. For his dietary supplements, he claims to have such qualities that he would take all of them himself or recommend them to his family and friends.

I think his vitamin C is one of the best on the market at the moment.  Because children have special vitamin demands, we have added vitamin C for children in addition to the standard liposomal vitamin C.

Liposomal Vitamin C for Children

Vitamin C for children has a slightly lower serving size and comes in small capsules to make them easier to swallow.

This dietary supplement is suitable for children from four years onwards, and for younger children you can open the capsule and extract the contents of vitamin C from it.

What is liposomal vitamin C

Liposome Vitamin C is essentially a classic, natural vitamin C (ascorbic acid), surrounded by liposomes (fatty wrapper). This allows it to be absorbed in the same way as fat-soluble vitamins.

Vitamin C is, a water soluble vitamin and is therefore absorbed through the portal system. This method of absorption is more difficult and less effective. Once it passes into the bloodstream, it has to first go through the liver, which immediately eliminates a part of the absorbed constituents. Such vitamin C often irritates the digestion and can cause diarrhea.

Liposomal Vitamin C is absorbed in the same way as fat, via the lymphatic system. In this way, it passes easily and slowly from the gut into the lymph by passive diffusion. From there it goes directly into the central circulation, which avoids the first pass liver examination. This gives you a lot more vitamin C in the body that is easier delivered to cells and causes less digestion problems.

Why is Dr. Mercola Vitamin C Better?

Dr. Mercola production processes are superior with regular quality control. Today there are many suspicious liposomal products on the market, made in “domestic laboratories”. In such products, you can never know if the fatty envelope really covers whole vitamin C, so you can get two separate ingredients (normal vitamin C and lecithin) instead of the liposomal form.

For the liposome coating, Dr. Mercola uses only sunflower lecithin, which is much better (and unfortunately more expensive) than the most commonly used soy lecithin.

19,90 incl. Tax

Vitamin C in liposomal form, suitable for children.

15,90 9,99 incl. Tax

1000mg Vitamin C combined with bioflavonoids and rose-hips that simulate natural intake of vitamin C from food. Excellent for normal immune system function, prettier skin, healthy gums and better absorption of iron from food.

29,9069,50 incl. Tax

This vitamin C comes in a liposomal form, which means it is almost completely absorbed, but at the same time you can take it every day even multiple times (despite high levels of vitamin C per capsule).

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