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Byron White Formulas is an American company named after the founder Dr. Byron White. The latter worked for 37 years with alternative medicine. The product line is based on herbs and their extracts. His products are used by practitioners in many areas, such as homeopathy, chiropractics, acupuncture, as well as doctors of modern medicine.

Digestion (stomach, intestines)

Tincture against fungal overgowth A-FNG

94,90 incl. Tax

A mixture of 24 herbs extracts with a strong antiseptic effect.

94,90 incl. Tax

9 Herbs in tincture that support body balance and also affect digestion, immune system and detoxification.

94,90 incl. Tax

7 Herbs in tincture against infection with the babesia bacteria, which affects primarily the brain and nervous system.

69,90 incl. Tax

The tincture of Byron White A-SF is the best blend for raising the immune system to combat the flu and colds especially in colder autumn and winter days.

94,90 incl. Tax

10 herbs in a tincture against infection with Borelia, which affects primarily the brain and nervous system.

93,90 incl. Tax

Tincture against mycoplasma (pneumonia, tuberculosis).


YANG Energy

39,90 incl. Tax

A mix of 4 herbs that support YANG energy as in TKM.

88,90 incl. Tax

Tincture against mononucleosis (Epstein-Barr, herpes).

92,90 incl. Tax

Strong tincture against parasites (tapeworms, flukes, amoeba, nematodes).

89,90 incl. Tax

Tinture that reduces inflammation in the body and balances the immune response.


Anemia, iron defficiency

A-STM-CELL (stem cells)

94,90 85,00 incl. Tax

It promotes stem cell production and regenerates and rejuvenates.


Detoxification and liver

A-POL (polio)

94,90 85,00 incl. Tax

Tincture agains symptoms of polio vaccination.