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Doctor's Best is a brand established in 1990 by doctors. The company offers more than 200 products, most of which are made from ingredients of their own brand. The company boasts products that are distinguished by the highest quality standards.

15,9043,50 incl. Tax

Gastric acid with pepsin and gentian in capsule form that aids a healthy stomach and digestion.

17,9034,80 incl. Tax

Quality magnesium with high absorption of this important mineral that is lacking in our diets.

39,90 incl. Tax

Quality multivitamin tablets in an active, coenzyme or methyl form for best absorption and bio-availability.

Cardiovascular Support

Collagen Powder Type 1 & 3

24,50 incl. Tax

Hydrolysed Collagen powder is the main protein that constructs the fibrous tissues such as bone, joints, ligaments, skin, hair and nails. As an additive, it is also recommended by Dr. Feil in his book Overcome arthrosis and joint pain.

Anemia, iron defficiency

methyl-folate, Vitamin B9

13,90 incl. Tax

An active form of folic acid with better bioactivity and without adverse effects. For pregnant women, the immune system and more energy.

34,90 incl. Tax

A special form of zinc used in Japan as medication against stomach ulcers.


5-HTP + B6 + C

32,90 incl. Tax

A product with an active form of tryptophan, a precursor to serotonin and takes care of good psychological health.




39,90 35,00 incl. Tax

A methyl group donor for over 40 metabolic reactions in the Body.


Benfotiamine + ALA

22,90 incl. Tax

BIO-active derivative of vitamin B1, also used as a cure for Diabetes.


Digestion (stomach, intestines)

Encimi za prebavo glutena (expired)

29,90 15,90 incl. Tax

Gluten Rescue contains a mixture of enzymes that digest gluten quickly and efficiently. They also help in the digestion of egg, milk and soy proteins.

37,90 incl. Tax

A mixture of several patented ingredients for a healthy prostate, easier urination and better sexual function in adult Males.