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dr hishams zobje in usta

Dr Hisham Abdalla is a New Zealand doctor. Performs cosmetic laser surgeries on teeth. He is also a professor, motivational speaker and mind & mouth expert and researcher.

Dr. Hisham Oral Care System was created because of the desire to protect not only Dr. Hishama, but especially his newborn daughters, without the harmful ingredients for her small body.

Dr Hisham has started actively researching and mixing home made formulas for his daughter Noor since she was born in 2001 and it all started with one important question:

"What if oral care products were actually a healthy supplement that would protect and nourish your symbiotic microbiome instead of containing detergents, abrasives, irritants, toxins and substances harmful to the environment?"

19,99 incl. Tax

Natural Serum for strong teeth and healthy gums. Alkalises and re-mineralizes.