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Med-Chem Labs, Inc. was established in 1966 by Dr. Jon Kabara PhD and are the proud makers of Lauricidin® a nutritional supplement for better health and self-healing.*

Dr. Kabara’s pioneering research in the discovery of Monolaurin in the 1960s is the basis for bringing Lauricidin® to the healthcare community.

Digestion (stomach, intestines)

Lauricidin, monolaurin

44,90 incl. Tax

Lauricidin is the original Monolaurin - lipid extract obtained from coconut oil.

19,90 incl. Tax

Shiny white teeth completely free of artificial and harmful ingredients.

19,90 incl. Tax

A completely natural way of reducing unpleasant body odour.

33,90 incl. Tax

Nourishes and protects cracked and otherwise damaged skin.

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Protects the skin barrier and nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

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Hand sanitizer 3 in 1 with the protective power of Lauricidine.

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Protect your hands from viruses and bacteria in a natural way.

34,90 incl. Tax

Cleans and moisturizes damaged and irritated skin.