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Source Naturals has been present on the world market since 1982. Its director Ira Goldberg, is trying to pursue the main goal: to support the potential of every individual to enjoy optimal health. In those early days, the idea to combine many nutrients, herbs and pharmaceutical supplements, was a real rarity. Today, the company can boast of many award-winning formulas that are recognized and known for their excellence. This is also supported by independent research and nutritional analysis.

Blood sugar regulation

Magnesium Malate (Magnesium)

13,8042,90 incl. Tax

Magnesium Malate is one of the best quality forms of magnesium on the market with absorption rates of over 90%. It contributes to reducing fatigue and exhaustion and to the functioning of muscles.

Dr. Feil


14,90 incl. Tax

Source Naturals Triple Boron contains three biologically available forms of boron, including a chelated form of boron.

Energy and motivation

Zinc (OptiZinc)

7,9024,90 incl. Tax

OptiZinc is a balanced formula of zinc and copper. Zinc participates in more than 300 reactions of the body and affects your wellbeing and health especially bones, hair, fingernails, immune system, fertility and hormones.

18,9029,90 incl. Tax

Stomach acid with pepsin in capsules, for a healthy stomach and digestion.

19,90 incl. Tax

An excellent blend of herbs from ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine and magnesium, intended for taking after a stressful day and before bedtime.

7,90 incl. Tax

Selenium is a mineral that among other keeps you hair, nails, immune system and thyroid function healthy.

Detoxification and liver

Glutathione lozenges

19,80 incl. Tax

Reduced glutathione contains the active form of the strongest antioxidant, molybdenum and riboflavin and contributes to maintaining healthy mucous membranes and the functioning of the nervous system.

19,90 incl. Tax

Activated Quercetin is an effective combination of quercetin, Bromelain and vitamin C.

Digestion (stomach, intestines)

Digestive enzymes (Pancreatin 8x)

29,90 incl. Tax

A set of enzymes for better digestion of fat, protein and starch.

Energy and motivation

Huperzine A

24,90 incl. Tax

Huperzine A is a famous Nootropik with traditional use in Chinese medicine. It affects the Neurotrasmittor acetyl choline and may have positive effects on mental functions.

Blood sugar regulation

Biotin 10.000 mcg

13,90 incl. Tax

Biotin is a water soluble vitamin that contributes to prettier, denser hair, beautiful skin and healthy fingernails. It takes part in metabolism and helps maintain a healthy nervous system.

Detoxification and liver

Calcium d-glucarate

29,90 incl. Tax

Glucuronosyltransferase contains glucuronic acid, which is part of glucuronidation in the second stage liver detoxification.