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9,90 3,50 incl. Tax

Quality protective mask against viruses, bacteria and small air particles. This masks does not protect only the one around you but is mostly intended to protect you.

15,90 incl. Tax

1000mg Vitamin C combined with bioflavonoids and rose-hips that simulate natural intake of vitamin C from food. Excellent for normal immune system function, prettier skin, healthy gums and better absorption of iron from food.


Immune system

Probiotics for women

47,50 42,90 incl. Tax

Probiotic formula for women's health.




39,90 35,00 incl. Tax

A methyl group donor for over 40 metabolic reactions in the Body.


Anemia, iron defficiency

Vitamin C 1000mg (360 capsules)

69,90 49,90 incl. Tax

Highly concentrated vitamin C to boost the immune system, better skin, healthy gums and better absorption of iron from food.


Cardiovascular Support

Evening Primrose Oil

19,90 9,90 incl. Tax

Evening primrose oil contains fatty acids that help maintain normal blood cholesterol levels and are absolutely necessary for the growth and development in children.


Blood sugar regulation

UCAN SuperStarch (expired)

94,90 49,90 incl. Tax

UCAN is a revolutionary drink that stabilizes your blood sugar for hours. It was developed for children with strong hypoglycemia. Suitable for athletes.


Neuro Optimizer

59,90 incl. Tax

Neuro Optimizer ® (Cerebral optimizer) is suitable for individuals who want to improve their diet and optimise their skills safely, naturally and without the use of stimulants.