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19,90 incl. Tax

An excellent blend of herbs from ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine and magnesium, intended for taking after a stressful day and before bedtime.

Digestion (stomach, intestines)

Target GB-X Probiotics

49,90 incl. Tax

Target GB-X gut-brain axis contains clinically researched probiotics intended for psychological function.

Anemia, iron defficiency

methyl-folate, Vitamin B9

13,90 incl. Tax

An active form of folic acid with better bioactivity and without adverse effects. For pregnant women, the immune system and more energy.

Cardiovascular Support

Rhodiola Rosea

29,90 incl. Tax

A very effective adaptogen that helps the body to protect itself from long-term physical and psychological stress.

Cardiovascular Support


24,90 incl. Tax

Also called the "Queen of Ayurvedic medicine", acts as an adaptogen when stress is the culprit.


Blood sugar regulation


24,90 22,90 incl. Tax

Excellent against PCOS and helps improve sleep.

Anemia, iron defficiency

Vitamin B6 in coenzyme form (P5P)

14,90 incl. Tax

P5P is a coenzyme form of vitamin B6 that helps in functioning of the nerves, hormones, immune system, anemia etc. It is one of the most important B vitamins overall.




39,90 35,00 incl. Tax

A methyl group donor for over 40 metabolic reactions in the Body.


5-HTP + B6 + C

32,90 incl. Tax

A product with an active form of tryptophan, a precursor to serotonin and takes care of good psychological health.

Memory and Brain Health


39,90 incl. Tax

GABA Calm calms you down when your thoughts are wired up and helps you focus and sleep.