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Blood sugar regulation

Rosita EVCLO, extra virgin fish oil

39,0042,00 incl. Tax

Rosita fish oil is special because of their extraction method and the natural source of wild fish containing only extra virgin fish oil. High levels of EPA, DHA and vitamins A and D. Recommended by experts.

Anemia, iron defficiency

Vitamin B-Right Complex

24,90 incl. Tax

A balanced B complex in active form (Coenzyme, methylated), for best absorption and delivery to cells.


Blood sugar regulation


24,90 22,90 incl. Tax

Excellent against PCOS and helps improve sleep.

Blood sugar regulation

Chromium GTF

9,90 incl. Tax

A special form of chromium intended for sugar metabolism and blood glucose control after eating a meal.


Benfotiamine + ALA

22,90 incl. Tax

BIO-active derivative of vitamin B1, also used as a cure for Diabetes.




14,90 9,90 incl. Tax

Ayurvedic herbs are designed to detoxify and purify the body, but it also works on stabilizing blood sugar, skin and digestion.


Blood sugar regulation

UCAN SuperStarch (expired)

94,90 49,90 incl. Tax

UCAN is a revolutionary drink that stabilizes your blood sugar for hours. It was developed for children with strong hypoglycemia. Suitable for athletes.