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29,9069,50 incl. Tax

This vitamin C comes in a liposomal form, which means it is almost completely absorbed, but at the same time you can take it every day even multiple times (despite high levels of vitamin C per capsule).

Anemia, iron defficiency

Vitamin B-Right Complex

24,90 incl. Tax

A balanced B complex in active form (Coenzyme, methylated), for best absorption and delivery to cells.

Anemia, iron defficiency

Vitamin B12 + B9 + B6 (active form)

19,90 incl. Tax

An extremely efficient and quality blend of the three most important B vitamins, which prevents fatigue, anemia and psychological problems.

Energy and motivation

Mucuna Dopa (Dopamine)

19,90 incl. Tax

NOW Foods Mucuna Dopa contains a popular ayurvedic herb Mucuna pruriens, which contains from 3 to 7% L-DOPA.

44,90 incl. Tax

Quality multivitamin tablets in an active, coenzyme or methyl form for best absorption and bio-availability.

19,90 incl. Tax

Vitamin C in liposomal form, suitable for children.

49,90 incl. Tax

Jarrow Formulas HQ-Absorb is a patented formula of the Coenzyme Q10 (Ubiquinol) with 3 to 4x better absorption.

Anemia, iron defficiency

Methyl B-12, MethylCobalamin 1000mcg

13,90 incl. Tax

An active form of vitamin B12 that is absorbed already in the mouth and the body can use it directly. Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.



24,90 incl. Tax

A small molecule with a huge anti-oxidative potential.

Detoxification and liver

BroccoMax, Broccoli extract

25,90 incl. Tax

Brocco Max is a dietary supplement that contains an extract of broccoli seeds.

Blood sugar regulation

Biotin 10.000 mcg

13,90 incl. Tax

Biotin is a water soluble vitamin that contributes to prettier, denser hair, beautiful skin and healthy fingernails. It takes part in metabolism and helps maintain a healthy nervous system.

Cardiovascular Support

Vitamin B5 (pantetin)

28,90 incl. Tax

A derivative of vitamin B5 for more energy, balanced hormones and better mental abilities.