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Energy and motivation

Zinc (OptiZinc)

7,9024,90 incl. Tax

OptiZinc is a balanced formula of zinc and copper. Zinc participates in more than 300 reactions of the body and affects your wellbeing and health especially bones, hair, fingernails, immune system, fertility and hormones.

Detoxification and liver

Calcium d-glucarate

29,90 incl. Tax

Glucuronosyltransferase contains glucuronic acid, which is part of glucuronidation in the second stage liver detoxification.

14,90 incl. Tax

Vitex or Chaste tree can help with issues related to menstruation and menopause and in difficulty with joints.

Digestion (stomach, intestines)

Licorice root, Licorice Extract

15,00 incl. Tax

A tasty, non-alcoholic tincture that affects the stomach, digestion, adrenal hormones and extends the effects of cortisol.

Cardiovascular Support

Black Cohosh, Cimicifuga

23,90 incl. Tax

Black Cohosh can help with menopausal symptoms and better lymph flow.

Anemia, iron defficiency

Vitamin B6 in coenzyme form (P5P)

14,90 incl. Tax

P5P is a coenzyme form of vitamin B6 that helps in functioning of the nerves, hormones, immune system, anemia etc. It is one of the most important B vitamins overall.


Anemia, iron defficiency

A-STM-CELL (stem cells)

94,90 85,00 incl. Tax

It promotes stem cell production and regenerates and rejuvenates.