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N-acetyl cysteine is even so powerful that it is used as a drug in medicine. It helps to relax the mucous membranes during the flu and cold and helps detoxify.

Cardiovascular Support

Choline (Cognizin Citicoline)

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Cognizin Citicoline is the best form of choline, which is indispensable for the good functioning of the liver and the brain (where it makes up about 30% of gray brain cells).

Detoxification and liver

Glutathione lozenges

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Reduced glutathione contains the active form of the strongest antioxidant, molybdenum and riboflavin and contributes to maintaining healthy mucous membranes and the functioning of the nervous system.


Blood sugar regulation


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Excellent against PCOS and helps improve sleep.

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Liver Optimizer or liver function optimizer is a mixture of effective vitamins and herbs to support it's function.




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A methyl group donor for over 40 metabolic reactions in the Body.




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Ayurvedic herbs are designed to detoxify and purify the body, but it also works on stabilizing blood sugar, skin and digestion.


Byron White Detox-1

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It supports the body's detoxification systems in viral and chronic diseases.


YIN Energy

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A mix of 4 herbs that support YIN energy like in TKM.