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Detoxification and liver

Acacia Fibre

3,50 incl. Tax

A quality source of fermentable and mild fiber for the Intestines.

Digestion (stomach, intestines)

Gastrothera (glutamine and Prebiotics)

58,00 incl. Tax

A mixture of glutamine and prebiotics for healthy and balanced intestines.

Detoxification and liver

Apple pectin (fiber)

6,90 incl. Tax

Prebiotic that feeds beneficial intestinal bacteria, but you can also cook jam with it.

Detoxification and liver

Prebiotic the whole spectrum

17,9019,90 incl. Tax

Our own blend of prebiotics (soluble, fermentable fiber), serving as food for beneficial intestinal bacteria.

Detoxification and liver

Inulin Fiber

3,70 incl. Tax

An excellent prebiotic that feeds intestinal bacteria and maintains intestinal microbiota.

Cardiovascular Support

Galactomune prebiotics

58,00 incl. Tax

A versatile mixture of prebiotics without inulin for optimisation of the intestinal microbiota (TH1/TH2).

Digestion (stomach, intestines)

Biotagen prebiotics

29,90 incl. Tax

Versatile blend of prebiotics for intestinal microbiota optimisation

Cardiovascular Support

Glucomannane Fiber

12,90 incl. Tax

A natural prebiotic that maintains intestinal microbiota, helps losing weight and normalizes blood cholesterol levels.

Blood sugar regulation

Functional plant proteins

44,90 incl. Tax

Plant proteins with prebiotics.