Shipping and fees

Thanks for your visit and shopping at Shipping is an important parts of online shopping and we want all the conditions to be transparent.

Product location

Our stock is located within the European Union, which means that when ordering from EU countries (Germany, France, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, Poland, Romania, the Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Czech Republic, Portugal, Hungary, Sweden, Austria, Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Slovakia, Ireland, Estonia, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Malta), you will not have any customs duties or other obligations.

How we ship?

We ship out every day monday through friday. All orders received till 1 p.m. are sent the same day.

Packages are sent using GLS or DHL express to guarantee quality service and fast delivery to your doorstep.

General shipping conditions ships to all countries of the European Union and also internationally outside the EU.

The systems calculates shipping costs automatically for all countries.

Processing time for orders and delivery times

All orders received until 1 p.m. (GMT + 2) are typically processed and sent on the same working day. We do not process orders on weekends and holidays.

In cases of large order quantities there may come to a delay in sending up to a few days. In such case, you will be notified by e-mail or phone.

If you have ordered a product that is not in stock (visible before the completion of the order), the entire package will be detained until the product gets back in stock. If you wish for a split delivery in such case, please inform us by email.

Order Tracking

Each parcel will get its own tracking number, which you will receive in an email along with the confirmation of the processed order. The tracking number is always available in your user pages under Orders -> show. You must be registered to access the user pages.

All shipments are shipped signed for, which means that you must be present for their takeover.

Cooled shipping

For heat-sensitive products we also provide partially cooled shipping.

Shipping within EU

Shipping fees and free shipping

Shipping costs are charged by weight, according to the GLS or DHL pricelist (with all the discounts we have been able to obtain). At Fmed, we also offer you an additional discount on your postage, depending on your purchase amount (the greater the purchase, the lower your postage will be).

The online store automatically calculates the shipping costs, depending on the weight of the selected products in the cart. The shipping cost is visible in your shopping cart and at checkout before you confirm your order.

Estimated delivery times and free shipping for some countries

Since all countries and all situations can not be listed here, the exact amount of postage and delivery time will be displayed dynamically in the shopping cart and at checkout.

Delivery times and free shipping (GLS)

CountryDelivery time*Free***
Austria1above 160€
Belgium2-3above 160€
Bulgaria3over 680€
Czech Republic2over 220€
Denmark2-3above 190€
Estonia3-4over 450€
Finland4-6over 450€
France2-3over 220€
Greece3-4above 500€
Croatia1-4above 120€
Ireland3-5over 630€
Italy1-3above 190€
Latvia3-5over 450€
Lithuania4-5over 220€
Luxembourg2-3above 160€
Hungary1-2over 220€
Monaco2-3above 150€
Germany1-3above 160€
Netherlands2-3above 160€
Norway4above 600€
Poland2-3over 220€
Portugal3-5over 630€
Romania2-3over 450€
Slovakia1-2over 220€
Slovenia1above 90€
Spain3-5over 450€
Serbia3-4above 350€
Sweden2-4over 450€
Switzerland2-4above 400€
United Kingdom2-3over 220€

* Expected Delivery Time. Packages are delivered by GLS or DHL and we do not take responsibility for the delivery time.
** Free delivery threshold can be higher for heavier orders. The system automatically calculates free shipping.

Shipping fees are increased at:

  • 2,000 g
  • 5,000 g
  • 10,000 g
  • 15,000 g
  • 20,000 g
  • 30,000 g
  • 40,000 g

If our order exceeds the weight of 40kg, the system will display an error and ask you to contact us for the calculation of the shipping cost.

Shipping within Slovenia

Packages in Slovenia are delivered by GLS and are usually delivered within one working day. We are not responsible for GLS delivery delays. The package will be delivered to your address. If you are not present at the time, GLS will try to deliver the package one more time. The package will then be waiting for you in the nearby package machine.

When shipping, you also have the option to change the delivery address or choose to pickup the package at Petrol service stations or other GLS contractual partners.

For each order of over € 90 we take over shipping charges (free shipping).

Cash on Delivery

In Slovenia, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania, we also provide the Cash On Delivery (COD) service, which means that you will pay for your order when you receive the package. The cost of the COD service is 3,5 € (in Slovenia 0,9 €).

Shipping outside EU

If you order from abroad (outside the EU), make sure that your countries legislation allows you to import the products you are ordering. As a buyer from abroad, you yourself are in charge of arranging customs procedures and cover any costs that may arise at import.

Please understand that we do not know each individual law and we can not give you exact instructions or import-related costs.

For sending outside the EU, the same general conditions apply as for dispatch within the EU.

Delivery times and free shipping (GLS)

CountryDelivery time*Free**
Monaco2-3over 220€
Norway4over 680€
Serbia3-4over 450€
Switzerland2-4over 630€
Turkey6over 630€

* Expected Delivery Time. Packages are delivered by GLS or DHL and we do not take responsibility for the delivery time.
** Free delivery threshold can be higher for heavier orders. The system automatically calculates free shipping.

Cash on Delivery

We do not offer Cash On Delivery services outside EU countries.

Estimated delivery times for DHL Express

You can choose Express delivery at checkout. Price and delivery time are shown before order completion. We do not offer discounts or free shipping on DHL Express shipping.

If you don’t see DHL express shipping option at checkout, please check your address and postal code.

Delivery next day: Albania, Croatia, The Netherlands, Norway, Iceland, Austria, Poland, Belgium, Portugal, Romania, Bulgaria, San Marino, Slovakia, Serbia, Czech Republic, Latvia, Denmark, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Spain, Sweden, Hungary , Switzerland, Macedonia, Estonia, France, Mauritania, Greece, Monaco, United Kingdom, Germany.

Delivery up to 2 days: Algeria, Ireland, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, Morocco, Turkey, Ukraine, Honduras, Hong Kong, Nicaragua, Andorra, Armenia, Jamaica, Panama, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Paraguay, Bahrain, Barbados, Puerto Rico, Cayman Islands, Cambodia, Belarus, Benin, Bermuda, the Canary Islands, Kenya, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Singapore, Congo, Cyprus, Kosovo, Curacao, Costa Rica, Kuwait, Montenegro, Lebanon, Liberia, Macao, Sri Lanka, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Taiwan, Faroe Islands , Mali, Togo, Malta, Philippines, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Fr. Guyana, Martinique, Gabon, Mavricius, Gibraltar, Mexico, Uruguay, Moldova, Greenland, Georgia, Guernsey, Vietnam, Guadeloupe, Myanmar (Burma), Guatemala, Guinea, rep., United Arab Emirates. Emirates.

Delivery up to 3 days: United States of America, Nigeria, India, Argentina, Oman, Pakistan, Japan, Jordan, Peru, Cameroon, Canada, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Congo, DR, Korea, rep., Chile, Egypt, Ecuador, Thailand, Tanzania, Ghana, Uganda, Venezuela, Niger, Anguilla, Antigua, Aruba, Yemen, Jersey, Bangladesh, Belize, Rwanda, Rwanda, Sao Tome and Principe, Bonaire, Kyrgyzstan, Seychelles, Brunei, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Côte d’Ivoire, Sudan , Laos, Swaziland, Sv. Barthelemy, Lesotho, Sv. Eustatius, Virgin Islands (UK), Sv. Helena, Virgin Islands (USA), Sv. Kitts, Dominica, Sv. Lucija, Sv. Maarten, Djibouti, Sv. Vincent, Equatorial Guinea, Madagascar, Eritrea, Tahiti, Malawi, Turks and Caicos Islands, Gambia, Grenada, Uzbekistan, Mongolia, Montserrat, Guyana (VB), West Samoa, Nepal, Haiti, Nevis and Cape Verde.

Delivery up to 4 days: Israel, Russia, Turkmenistan, Indonesia, South Africa. (JAR), Kazakhstan, China, Netherlands Antilles, Iran, New Zealand, Botswana, Bolivia, Syria, Dominican Republic, Mozambique, Namibia, Papua New Guinea, South Sudan, Bhutan, CAR, Korea, DLR, Somalia, Cook Islands, Somaliland (Somalia), Chad, Cuba, Suriname, Maldives, Fiji, the Mariana Islands, Mayotte, Guam, East Timor, Guinea-Bissau.

Delivery up to 5 days: Australia, Brazil, Angola, American Samoa, Niue, New Caledonia, Palau, Solomon Islands, Kiribati, Comoros, Tonga, Tuvalu, Vanuatu, Nauru.

Delivery up to 6 days: Afghanistan, Falkland Islands, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, United States.

Delivery up to 7 days: Libya.

Damaged packages when delivered is not responsible for any damage to the product due to transport. If you have received a damaged package, please contact your local GLS or DHL, where you will have to file a complaint. Unfortunately, we can not deal with complaints, but we are ready to assist you in case you need help.

In the case od damaged goods please make a supporting photo immediately and save the packaging.