THEA risk for thyroid disease

ščitnica thea vprašalnik riziko hashimoto tsh

THEA questionnaire analyzes your risk for thyroid disease over the next five years. Questionnaire was compiled based on THEA study (THyroid Events Amsterdam).

Most thyroid diseases in the modern world are autoimmune based. The two most well known thyroid diseases are Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and Graves’ disease. The first is a slowing down of the thyroid gland, while the other is associated primarily with over-secretion of thyroid hormones.

Nevertheless, they have a common factor, and this is the immune system, and thus a strong link to your genes . Although the association with genes is strong, it does not mean that you cannot effectively act preventively against thyroid problems in the future.

Questionnaire uses two specific thyroid markers, TSH and antibodies to TPO (thyroid peroxidase)and your family history, that is, the incidence of thyroid problems in to your family. Based on that, it determines by your risk of developing a thyroid disorder in the future .

If you are interested in your personal risk, please fill out the form below.


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