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29,9069,50 incl. Tax

This vitamin C comes in a liposomal form, which means it is almost completely absorbed, but at the same time you can take it every day even multiple times (despite high levels of vitamin C per capsule).

Anemia, iron defficiency

Vitamin B-Right Complex

24,90 incl. Tax

A balanced B complex in active form (Coenzyme, methylated), for best absorption and delivery to cells.

Anemia, iron defficiency

Vitamin C 1000 with rosehips and bioflavonoids

15,90 incl. Tax

1000mg Vitamin C combined with bioflavonoids and rose-hips that simulate natural intake of vitamin C from food. Excellent for normal immune system function, prettier skin, healthy gums and better absorption of iron from food.

Anemia, iron defficiency

Iron (IronSorb)

12,90 incl. Tax

Iron with excellent absorption, which does not irritate stomach and intestine. Excellent for anemia. Because of delivery issues we provide a substitute: Iron Protein Plus

Anemia, iron defficiency

Ratfish liver oil

24,90 incl. Tax

Very special fish oil with high content of researched Alkylgliceroles.

19,90 incl. Tax

Vitamin C in liposomal form, suitable for children.

Anemia, iron defficiency

Vitamin B6 in coenzyme form (P5P)

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P5P is a coenzyme form of vitamin B6 that helps in functioning of the nerves, hormones, immune system, anemia etc. It is one of the most important B vitamins overall.


Anemia, iron defficiency

Vitamin C 1000mg (360 capsules)

69,90 49,90 incl. Tax

Highly concentrated vitamin C to boost the immune system, better skin, healthy gums and better absorption of iron from food.